Top Fishing Spots In Oklahoma

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Fishing Spots In Oklahoma

Oklahoma was first established in 1907, but has grown as a state within the US over the past century. It was also the 46th state to be officially recognized by the United States, and today, it is known for its diversity in cultures and various attractions. There are numerous natural wonders that you can explore in Oklahoma, along with some of the country’s best dishes served in local areas. 

While some come to Oklahoma to discover these natural wonders, others rather find a keen interest in the variety of fishing spots they can explore throughout the state. It is true that there are several excellent spots to fish when you decide to pay a visit to Oklahoma – and the widespread availability of these spots means you can find one, no matter which county you decide to visit. 

Flint Creek

First up on our list is Flink Creek, a relatively small fishing spot that is still a great choice for people who want to wind down next to a lake and catch a few fish. This particular spot offers an incredibly rich concentration of smallies, which makes it easier to catch fish – even for those who are quite new to the hobby. In addition to smallies, you can also sometimes find largemouth bass and spotted bass at this particular location. Flint Creek is located close to Westville, where you can enjoy a view of the Ozark Mountains. Since Westville is located at Highway 59 and 62 junctions, it’s also an easy reach when you plan your trip. 

Glover River

If you rather have a preference for a larger body of water where you can fish, then don’t overlook Glover River. This particular river spans over an area of 33 miles and forms part of Little River, which goes all the way to the Ouachita Mountains. The river has several areas where you can fish, which makes it a great option for people who want more diversity too.

At Glover River, you can expect to catch sunfish, spotted bass, catfish, smallmouth bass, and occasionally even largemouth bass. In addition to being a great spot for fishing, there are other activities to enjoy at Glover River too. Due to the constant movement of the stream, this river is also great for canoeing or taking your kayak out on the water. 

Upper Mountain Fork River

For those who would like a chance to catch a Rainbow Trout, the Upper Mountain Fork River poses as an excellent fishing spot. This particular spot is connected to the Broken Bow dam and sits just a small drive Northeast of the area. The great thing about the Upper Mountain Fork River is the fact that you can generally catch here throughout the entire year. In addition to the Rainbow Trout, this location is also a top choice for people who want to catch a few Brown Trouts.

The river is quite lengthy, as it flows all the way from the Southwest region of Arkansas. It’s also a popular spot for people who want to go kayaking or canoeing, particularly thanks to the clear water in the river. 

Lake Eufaula 

Need a fishing spot that comes with a great view? Then you should ensure you stop by Lake Eufaula during your trip in Oklahoma. The lake has a shoreline that extends over an area of over 600 miles. Plus, the lake itself has a surface of 102,000 acres, which means it is a massive area with a lot of different opportunities for fishing. In fact, the lake is so large that it spans across Okmulgee, Haskell, Pittsburg, and McIntosh counties.

This is only one of the reasons why fishing in Oklahoma often leads people to visit Lake Eufaula. Recently, people have noticed an increase in Kentucky bass in the area, which has also led to its rising popularity among people who want to fish. Additionally, you can also expect to catch lunker catfish, white bass, black bass, and crappies when you decide to hit Lake Eufaula as part of your fishing trip.

The local state authorities have also set up two different state parks that are located next to Lake Eufaula. These parks provide you access to a diverse selection of facilities, including camping spots and recreational activities. 

Tips To Get The Best Experience With Fishing Spots in Oklahoma

Thoroughly planning your trip before you decide to hit the road is a great way to ensure you can enjoy each of the best fishing spots that Oklahoma has to offer. It is important to ensure you also take care of things like accommodation while you stay in Oklahoma while consider each area that you wish to visit. Oklahoma RV parking is something quite popular within the state, which is also an option that you can consider.

When you want to go fishing in Oklahoma, then you can use an RV at these dedicated sites to provide accommodation and get easy access to the shorelines of rivers and lakes. 

You can also take advantage of facilities like ours at Willows At Watson, which provides an elevated Oklahoma RV parking facility. There is ample space for your RV, and it’s a great spot for fishing in Oklahoma. Even though the private river only allows for catch-and-release fishing, it still provides you with an excellent opportunity to practice your catches and build up some initial excitement before you head out to the different fishing spots you want to visit. 


Oklahoma is a beautiful state that is divided into multiple counties, each featuring a range of natural wonders and attractions to discover. For those who are into the sport of fishing, the state also has no shortage of spots that you can take advantage of.

If you are planning to hit a few fishing spots in Oklahoma, then it’s definitely a good idea to start with the top ones that we discussed in this post. Plan your trip ahead, as this helps to ensure you know where to enter Oklahoma in order to get started with your trip.

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