3 AMAZING REASONS to visit Broken Bow, OK

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To coin the phrase of the great paterfamilias, Ulysses Everett, Broken Bow, OK is “a geographical oddity”—three hours from everywhere (If you know, you know)! If you live in the following cities, do yourself a favor and look into this amazing spot.

Dallas, TX

Oklahoma City, OK

Tulsa, OK

Little Rock, AR

Hot Springs, AR

Shreveport, LA

…and anywhere in between!

You like mountains with incredible scenic drives, but don’t want to travel all the way to Colorado? We got ‘em. Like great fishing, boating, swimming or scuba diving in a crystal clear, deep reservoir? Yep, got that too. How about countless amazing places to stay? You have your pick of 3500+ cabins. Great places to eat or be entertained? You betcha, with more being added constantly.

With most of these places being just three short hours away from Broken Bow OK, specifically the area around Broken Bow, there is so much here to experience, you’ll want to come again and again. With gas and plane ticket prices soaring to new heights, the smart money will be looking for those crazy cool places that are not so far from home.

If you live within a few hours of here, you can make a day-trip out of it, but when you get here, you’ll find that you’ll want at least a couple of days in the area to fully soak it all in. At the end of the article, there are a few bonus spots, one of which isn’t in OK, but is certainly worth a trip while you’re in the area.

If you’ve never been to God’s Country, here are the TOP 3 spots you MUST check out when you come to this gem of a vacation spot.

1. Hochatown

cabins of hochatown

Just a decade ago, Hochatown was barely a blip on the radar for most people. For the last 30 years, it has been a sanctuary for a few, but in the last 6-8 years, it has become an oasis for the masses. However, unlike most other major tourist areas, you’re not going to be bumping shoulders with people everywhere you go.

The point of Hochatown is to have the space to spread out with plenty of options for things to do. At around 40,000 visitors finding there way to town each week, you might think you’d be fighting for your own space in this quaint town, but that’s not the case. If you choose to rent a cabin, most options are on at least 1/2-3/4 of an acre, if not 1-5 full acres, so you have ample room to explore around the cabin and plenty of privacy, knowing that you’re not right next to your neighbors.

Looking for great eateries? We highly recommend a few, but keep in mind, this certainly is not an all-encompassing list. Here are our favorites:

Want to shop for some novelties or souvenirs? There are some awesome places to get that too!

Maybe you’re looking for a good time. Here are some fun things to experience while you’re on your adventure.

Keep in mind, this is just a glimpse of what is available. There are literally hundreds of eateries, activities and more at your fingertips.

2. Beavers Bend State Park

hiking in broken bow

This area goes by many names—Broken Bow, Beavers Bend, Hochatown, and while Hochatown is quickly becoming a standalone vacation experience, for the longest time, if you said any of those three names, you’d likely be referring to the State Park, Beavers Bend.

This is a family-friendly, densely wooded, mountainous retreat that millions of people enjoy each and every year. If you have an RV, there are hundreds of large RV sites available in many different areas of the park to choose from. Maybe you prefer to connect with nature a little more intimately. Bring your tent and “rough it” in one of over a dozen tent camping areas.

Many folks come to our area for the hiking as well! Most of the best hiking in Oklahoma can be found right here. The Ouachita Mountain range ends in this corner of SE Oklahoma and makes for some incredible terrain. Check out the website, alltrails.com, to see the best rated trails in the area.

A few we recommend:

  • Friends Loop Trail
  • Tree Trail
  • Skyline Trail
  • Lookout Mountain Loop

Deep in the State Park, you’ll find one of the most beautiful lakes in the Southern Unites States, Broken Bow Lake. With steep, rocky banks, and deep clear water, it is a destination lake for boaters, water skiers, and fisherman alike. The lake is full of giant bass, magnum crappie and monster catfish. Want to hire a guide? There are plenty of those! We suggest you hire these folks—CLICK HERE.

One last thing to note is that Beavers Bend offers world class flyfishing in the rivers above and below the lake. We have a full breakdown of the best guides in Beavers Bend if you click this link.

3. Talimena National Scenic Byway

Talimena Scenic Drive

Fall and Spring are purely magical if you enjoy mountain air and forever views of trees that are in full bloom or putting on their fiery fall colors. Take a short drive up Highway 259, make your way through the mountains, find one of the numerous scenic overlooks and prepare to take in the majestic views.

We totally recommend you taking this drive just after lunch and find your way over to Talihina, OK for one of the best steakhouses you’ll ever find. The Rock House boasts incredible steaks and even better views. This kind of eatery can certainly be a bit of a splurge, but it’s well worth it! After your dinner, hit the road back to Hochatown and watch the sun setting over the beautiful backdrop.


In Oklahoma, there is a very special privilege that many people take advantage of each year; that is to buy a Sasquatch hunting license To learn all about Bigfoot and where to find them, you can attend the Annual Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference. This is typically held toward the end of September or in early October. Be warned though, this is not a place to go people-watching like Wal-Mart unless you’re prepared to act the part.

These people take it VERY seriously! However, you’re sure to have a fantastic time and learn something about one of the most famous potentially-fabled creatures in the world. Also, it’s pronounced “ho-nubby”. Practice that. Thank me later.

The second spot you’ll want to add to a future vacation is Diamond Crater State Park. If you’re a rockhound, this is your spot. The soil is full of amazing rocks and potentially even precious gems. My family and I went there around a year ago and another family found a YELLOW DIAMOND! It ended up having a value of over $1,000! What a fun way to pay for your trip! The record diamond ever found there was a 40.23 carat diamond, named Uncle Sam. It was purchased by a private collector in 1971 for $150,000!

Even if you don’t live within a few hours of this incredible part of the country, it’s still worth a trip. However, for those of you who are blessed to live close by, do yourself a huge favor and plan your next family vacation, romantic getaway or company retreat to Broken Bow/Hochatown/Beavers Bend. You will not be disappointed!

Coy Greathouse

Coy Greathouse

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